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My Resume

Professional Experience

I am passionate about content creation, branding, and film production because I believe in the power social media and storytelling have to connect and empower people.
I live in Paris, France, where I have been chasing my dreams by working as a self-starter in content production and storytelling.

Experience First - Content Creator and Tour Concierge

February 2020 - Present

As a content creator, I wrote and published around 70 blog posts on the Exp1 travel blog and held live streaming video content every day about Paris to build traffic to their site and help them establish a more prominent online presence and brand.
As a tour concierge, I would check guests in to their scheduled tours and as a member of the Ops team, my focus was to collect and organize data centered around guest attendance and conditions that day along with overall management of the tour guides to ensure everything ran smoothly.

Rooster Teeth Productions - Production Assistant and Production Intern

January 2019 - May 2019

As a production assistant on the series "Arizona Circle" and during a few shoots of Youtube videos for Markiplier and commercials for the production company, I learned the ins and outs of production. I have a passion for storytelling and this experience was vital in learning how to execute a story from the written word to a fully functioning show ready for streaming. I also learned tactful skills on how to properly manage a set to run smoothly and work closely with the talent, making sure they had a good experience.
As a production intern I worked in the office, organizing travel for the production team and talent before their big trips outside of Austin, Texas.

Pencil and notepad

Texas Monthly - Digital Marketing Intern

September 2018 - December 2018

I worked as a digital marketing intern, which allowed me to develop skills in audience development along with many advertising campaigns that we executed during my time there. I got more experience in live production, as I helped record and edit video and audio in the TM studio for their YouTube and website. On top of this, I wrote for their Here is Houston site and proofread for TM's many magazines before heading to publication.

TAPIF - Teaching Assistant

October 2019 - April 2020

As a teaching assistant, my job was to teach English to primary school students. In doing so, I have been living in Paris, France for a full year now and speak fluent French. I have a degree in French from UT Austin in addition to this and experience attending a French university for a semester, so I have been exposed to the French market and pop culture in the Paris region especially.